ARM Processors:

Are being used as in mobile processors in most smart phones as the main CPU including Apple, HTC, Samsung and Nokia phones.

Arm Holdings headquarters is based in Cambridge, UK and employs over 2’000 people.  The company was founded in 1990.  Read more about them on their website.

In 2009 ASIC Design Services was established as an approved training
centre for official ARM training.

Extract from the ARM website:

There are a common set of industry-leading technologies found across the entire range of ARM processors, including:

I want to buy an ARM CPU

Cortex-A9 MPCore architecture
Cortex-A9 MPCore architecture

Where to buy these world dominating processors or development kits?  Go to RS Components or AP Electronics. Here you can find various packages ranging from around R300-00 up to around R1500-00. 

Take note that the ARM core is being sold to different manufacturers like ‘ATMEL’, ‘Texas Instruments’ and some others.

Cortex-A9 architecture

The picture to the right shows the Cortex-A CPU architecture.  This multi-core debug and trace design offers scalable solutions for all markets.  This design is applied right through the Cortex product range: from the high end Cortex-A to the low cost Cortex-M platform.

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4 thoughts on “Mobile Processors

  1. Thank you for the comments Alban Rampon.

    For one local distributor of ARM products, check out RS Components located in Kayalami/Midrand: – search for Freescale, Cortex, Microcontrollers, Processors

  2. Hi Jurie and thanks for letting us know about your blog! (I tweeted the URL)
    There are many places where you can find ARM processors (ARM Cortex-A and Cortex-R families) or microcontrollers (ARM Cortex-M family).
    The ARM Connected Community would gather most people working with ARM technology in mobile and elsewhere: (it would also list a few distributors)
    As you said, we don't manufacture the chips, but our Silicon Partners license our cores to use them.
    Cheers, Alban
    @ARMCommunity / @AlbanRampon

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