2017 is gone and It’s silly season

What gift to buy the STEM guy/girl in your life?

Whether this guy/girl is your child, sibling or spouse – these gifts are sure to put a twinkle in their eye and keep him/her out of your hair…for a while at least.

TakeAlot has some great suggestions:

Be a Smarty Pants with STEM Toys


Some of my personal favourites (things I would buy for me):

Meccano: always has some amazing stuff.  The Micronoid, for example, is a TOY OF THE YEAR 2017 finalist


LEGO Mindstorms is always a winner!  There are various kits and comes with a programmable ‘brick’ (which is the brain/controller), motors, touch – , colour – and light sensors and hours of fun and entertainment.


Suggestions from other pages:

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