The employment world is changing

but our schools and education system has remained the same for about 30 years

Last week I published a post about education.  More specifically: the “Education System in South Africa” and it mostly spoke to the fact that our system of education is flawed.  In the light of that I’d like to share some videos that express my sentiment about what education should look like:

Michael Moore on schools in Finland:

Need I say more?  Michael Moore, American Film maker, is on a quest to find the best teaching system in this video

6 Problems with our School System

In this video 6 problems with our schooling systems (generally speaking) are addressed.  The underlying topic in this video is that they are outdated systems that were developed with the industrial revolution in mind (Manufacturing thinking).

Hackschooling makes me happy | Logan LaPlante

Home schooling is becoming all the more popular.  In his TED talk, Logan calls it Hackschooling and he explains how it is more suited to cater for each individual student’s needs and how they learn while exploring the world around them.

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