Why consider robotics at school level?

There are many reasons why schools and parents should consider robotics at school level.  Here are my top three reasons:

  1. Children develop their understanding of STEM concepts with real world application (practical insight)
  2. Robotics is fun, exciting and tangible – making it easy to engage children’s attention
  3. South African children need to be prepared for the future to be able to compete globally – many other countries are implementing robotics in their education programs

Battling to find a school that offer robotics for your child?  Look no further

Here is the ever expanding list of SA schools that offer robotics

Please add more schools that you know of that offer robtotics – either as a subject or as extramural.


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What do others say on the topic of robotics at school?

EDRO (Education Robots) began with a parent desperate to engage his children and get them away from playing video games.  Werner Venter, an Industrial Engineer from Cape Town, saw how eagerly his children was learning about mathematics and programming.  This is where EDRO began.  Read Why schools should teach robotics on EDRO ‘s website.

Read as summary about Educational Robotics in SA (2014) by Pieter Pretorius (Trophy Robotics) of RoboFest.  Read more about Pieter’s vision and ideas and why he brought Robofest to South Africa.

Robotsicence and Technolab by Michael Ettershank

Robots bring SA pupils into the 21st century – an article published on News 24 in 2015.

JEFA (Junior Engineers for Africa) was initiated in 2005 by Brenda Windram.  In 2006 JEFA started using LEGO based workshops to introduce engineering principles to school aged learners.  These days JEFA runs programs locally and internationally for up to 130 learners.  Read more about JEFA’s School courses.

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5 thoughts on “Which schools in South Africa offer Robotics?

  1. As a private school we want to introduce robotics in 2020. We are looking for more info and possible service providers.
    Thank you

    1. Hello,

      Please feel free to contact us at Gear Up (info@gear-up.co.za) if you’re based in the Western Cape and would like to make a plan for next year. We offer Arduino, FLL and FTC training, and even won the most recent National First Lego League.

      I hope to hear from you soon!

  2. HI
    I am opening a technological school,please I need your assistance

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