What about a STEM gadget for your dad on Fathers Day in 2018?

There are so many things dad will receive to say thank you for doing all his fatherly things on 17 June for Fathers Day 2018.  Some of these things will include ties, after shave, a pair of socks or maybe a gift voucher so he could go buy some golfing (or other sport) equipment.

Let me ask you this: Is your dad into science, technology, engineering or maybe even mathematics (STEM)?  Chances are he likes Star Wars, Star Trek and The Big Bang Theory?  Maybe he likes to play with Lego or tinkering in the garage with some electronic thing?

I know I do!  If your dad is anything like me, I could suggest a couple of very cool things he might like to receive for Fathers Day 2018.

Custom Lego figure

Mini-me does personalized Lego gifts, mini figures and rare collectibles.  They can do a Lego man that looks a lot like your dad with custom face, beard, hair (or none) and clothes.  Here is an example (oh man, I hope I don’t get in trouble for using this picture from their website!).

lego mini-me fathers day 2018 example

Buildings and machines – Meccano

Meccano has been making amazing construction sets for many years!  Any of these sets would be a great Fathers Day gift!  Here are a few examples from Toy Adventures’ website:

meccano set examples

Also consider this award winning robot:


Power tools for the DIY dad!

There is a possible endless list of power tools you could consider buying your dad if he enjoys doing handy work around the house.  Here are three of my personal favorites:

A table saw with a base unit

A rotary laser level, self-levelling

rotary laser level self-levelling

A cordless drill – make sure it’s an 18V version and that it comes with a charger and maybe an extra battery.  There are many makes and models, it doesn’t HAVE to be a Bosch.

Simple things

The simple things in life are often the most valuable things.  Above all, make sure your dad gets the message that you appreciate his efforts and that you like having him around.  Enjoy whatever precious time you have and don’t let petty things steel your time with him.

I’d like to leave you with a life lesson for today:

Life is short quote

Yes, I know these could all be considered ‘toys’ – but boys will be boys!

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