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Welcome to the STEM (Science Technology Engineering & Mathematics) Blog of South Africa.

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The need for critical thinking is becoming all the more important as technology advances and the way we think about employment and earning an income is being challenged.  STEM skills (STEMi, STEAM and all other variations included) provides learners with the abilities to adapt and innovate.

South Africa is a wonderful country with loads of resources and an innovative culture among all the people of this country, but there are challenges.
THE STEM BLOG SOUTH AFRICA aims to educate, share and promote Science Technology Engineering Maths and Robotics news, events people and their achievements in South Africa in order to show the positive impact it can have.
The fourth industrial revolution (Industrie 4.0), Internet of Things, Advanced manufacturing and robotics WILL increasingly become more part of our day-to-day living – if we embrace it, prepare ourselves for it and harness it (instead of letting it us control us), we can alleviate unemployment and grow a strong economy.


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